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    3 years ago

Sunday, May 28, 2006

What is it with bass players?

Last night was interesting. J and I went down to Joker's Wild in Ogdensburg, PA for a show. Three bands played that night and I met a lot of cool people.

The show had a late start because the band that was originally scheduled to go first (Something Grey) had a late vocals guy, and wound up in the second position.

Kung Fu Jesus, the band that played first (in the picture) was very good. They were heavier than the other two bands and I liked their style of playing. I'd definitely go to more of their shows.

And when Agony Hill started up, just about everyone in the bar went nuts. People were pushing to the front of the stage and dancing like crazy. Despite the fact that a couple chicks were totally invading my personal space, I had a great time.

I just noticed something.. What is it with bass players? With every band I've met and talked to, it's always the bass player that I wind up chatting with the most. It's like I'm a bass man magnet or something. The top four people I've talked with last night were all bass players- Jason (my band's bass dude), Joe (Agony Hill), Yogi (Kung Fu Jesus), and Dave (Something Grey). What the hell?

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