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    3 years ago

Monday, April 03, 2006

I am exhausted.

It was a long weekend.

We played a lot over the past couple days. It doesn't sound all that exhausting, but believe me, IT IS.

We did a little writing, too. But most of our time was spent on getting some covers going right. We have our "big four" and then a few others.. and now some new ones we're working on, including stuff by Linkin Park, Korn, and a few other bands. It's going well for the most part.

To be honest, I'm not all that big on the whole cover thing, but it has to be done. Clubs around here aren't looking for originals.. maybe one or two thrown into a set of covers, if that.. They want music that people know and like.

On Saturday afternoon, we had a public practice over at the coffee shop. It wasn't going all too well, I thought. We weren't sounding like we usually do. But some guy (the only person who was sitting in there) tipped us a dollar. When we were done, the girl working at the counter told us of our small fortune. We just kind of stood there like, "Dude, what just happened?" and then a few minutes later, "We got paid for practicing. Sweet." So we must be good if our screwups and shoddy playing earned us a dollar.. Maybe?

The blog advertising space is open again. You've got half a day to apply. When I sign on again this evening to check on the website, I'm going to make my decision. So if you want your blog listed here for a week, you might want to get on it very soon.

Anyway, I've got lots of shtuff to do, so I'm out.

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