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    3 years ago

Monday, April 24, 2006

And the mashed potato award goes to...

J, you rock.

Anyway, it's been a LONG week. We've cut down the practices and stuff for a short while because a couple of us had our own sh*t to take care of. But we're back on it this week.. and more than we have been.

John stopped by today during his lunch break to tell me that we're having a full rehearsal on Wednesday. And possibly Thursday as well.

And we might have ourselves a drummer.. well, a decent stand-in. We've been having so many problems with attaining a good drummer with time and dedication. But (thank you, J) we may have found someone for now, even if he plays with another band.

Also, go visit the new ad space renter, Fluff. It's a cool entertainment blog with several different contributers covering tv, music, movies, celebrities, and other stuff. Go visit, I say!

Okay, guys. I've got to get cleaned up and ready to leave the house. Again.

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