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    3 years ago

Thursday, February 23, 2006

La dee da..

The day was a long one, I guess.

Well, not TOO long, just kind of tiring. John came over WAY TOO EARLY, but he didn't have a watch so it was okay, I guess. Then after the sister went to school, John and I went to the legion and bowling center so I could pick up my pay. Then we went back to my place as quickly as we could so Gary wouldn't have to wait if he happened to come over a little early, but we beat him there.

I won this awesome Yamaha keyboard on Ebay and until the final money count, I was afraid that I'd end up with an overdraft on my bank account. Fortunately with a few extra dollars, I came up with enough cash and I won't have to pay a fee. (THANK GOD!) I can't wait until my little beauty arrives! 76 touch-sensitive keys and grand piano feature, among many other things. It sure beats the hell out of my 13-year-old Casio. It's about time for an upgrade.

Anyway, after practice, we hit the bank so I could make my deposit and then raided Yale's music shop. Small place, but I love it. It doesn't exactly have the best of equipment available all the time, but it's perfect for our basic needs. What do you expect from a small shop in "the valley"?

So yeah.. practice, practice, practice. And hopefully soon we'll be able to release some new music.

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