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    3 years ago

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Practice at John's place.

Just frickin' nuts.

I think those would be the words to describe the evening.

We jammed for maybe three hours. The only problem was we didn't have a decent system there for me to sing through. It sounded like crap, but it worked. That's all that matters.

It was an interesting night. Lots of jumping around and then we had hot dogs and macaroni and cheese for dinner. And naturally, it was loud.

I didn't get home until midnight.

The alarm went off at 6:00 this morning and all I could do was reset it for 7:00. Then I had to get my ass out of bed to make sure my sister was getting off to school all right.

At the moment, it's about 8:15 and John's already on the porch having his morning cigarette. I'm surprised he's even awake.

Later guys.

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j eastman said...

Believe me, it always sounds like crap...