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    3 years ago

Monday, March 06, 2006

My new baby.

I got myself a new Yamaha keyboard the other day. I love it. (Named him Yami, too. NO, I'M NOT INSANE!)

I've got a few things to work on.. hopefully we'll have another track finished within the next week or so if everything goes according to plan. That would be great. John won't be a problem, but I'd have to get Gary around to it and stuff. We've got a lot planned out (and practiced), and Gary's got to catch up a bit. I'm not sure if one day a week with him is enough.. maybe it is and it'll fall into place soon, but it's going kind of slow at the moment.

Hopefully tomorrow's meetup with John will be productive. I'm going to try to push these next couple songs and whatnot. He's been practicing a lot on his own time too, which I'm happy about.

Well, it's about time I finish helping my sister get ready for school and head upstairs to start working on my stuff.

Check out the website changes -

Later guys.

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